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Cinisello: it's 1990 and a young Valerio Bassan - owner and partner of the company - buys a van and decides to found the Valerio Bassan Trasporti asking his brother Gianluca Bassan to join him in this adventure. They initially deal with transports, pick-ups and deliveries all over Milan and close by areas. In those years, another field is starting to grow with great potential, fashion and everything about it: the meeting between them is inevitable.

So they start doing small services for magazines like Moda, Donna, Mondo Uomo and the legendary SUPERSTUDIO. With great foresight they acknowledge a fundamental element is missing: the english language. By learning it they start to get in touch with the vast variety of the Milan fashion world, also internationally. They also start working for Vestro and Postal Market specialising then in transporting equipment and stuff dedicated to haute couture photographic services. 

New customers are added, such as the publishing house Condenast, Rusconi Editore, RCA Rizzoli and other international publishers such as GAP Japan, Elle and Mary Claire Japan Art + Commerce NY - thus beginning a journey that takes the company to the nowadays stability. Transports and clothing deliveries start as well as photographic and commercial shooting sets montages, passengers and materials transport.

At the peak of the economic boom, the 2000s arrive and with them the possibility to officially become an SRL. On December 20th, 2000 the ON TIME SRL is born, with its headquarters placed is Cinisello Balsamo and with a vast variety of international customers. They travel around Italy and Europe providing dedicated services in order to please every single request. They will soon work with worldwide-known photographers and publishing houses acquiring more and more awareness and loyalty in the luxury and fashion field. They call them the "roaring golden years". 


But by then the crisis hit everyone - them included. The Bassan team has to deal with the crumbling of the fashion world but doesn't quit and keeps on going. They deal with changes with their chins up and thanks to the experience matured throughout the years and, most importantly, the resolutive will of the partners and their loyal collaborators, they manage to diversify the company by opening themselves to other channels always keeping their relations with the fashion field.

On one side they head to dedicated and urgent transport for customers in the banking sector as well as forniture montage for various contract structures like ISS Facility Services Italy. On the other side, they head to personalised logistic service - stocking and sensible distribution material/luxury thus managing to open themselves to new international realities through personalised services like the cooperation with sake seller Shibata-Ya.

OnTime can nowadays claim a versatile and efficient personality granted by more than 30 years of experience of ever-changing and flexible activity. OnTime maintains solid relations with loyal customer in the international fashion field, affiliated show-rooms and fashion weeks services, and keeps expanding towards dedicated and qualified services in the field of transport, montage and forniture, documents moving, porterage both in stocking field and luxury items moving including adeguate equipments and means to withstand the market's demand.

The headquarter has become the nerve center of this network, agile and adaptable to every request, always granting the customer a personalised service able to please their expectations - ready to set off for new roads! 


we can boast loyal customers and passionate employees

we can boast loyal customers and passionate employees


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